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Electro Sonic Shines at EDS – Celebrates Hammond

June 08, 2017



Toronto, Canada  (June 2, 2017) – For the third consecutive year, Electro Sonic returned to Las Vegas for EDS.  The customer growth and supplier visibility Electro Sonic has garnered over the past three years has resonated with attendees and employees alike. “We now have customers and suppliers fully engaged and pleased with our growth and expansion.”  Explained Niall Flanagan, Electro Sonic’s National Sales Manager. 


Marketing Manager, Shireen Thom, reflected on the changes from her first EDS two years ago to this year.  “We’re improving on making use of our supplier meetings at EDS. This year marked a significant increase in efficiency and productivity, using precise action items to help grow our supplier relationships. This was our best EDS yet.”


As a whole, the company attended 72 one-hour meetings at EDS 2017, receiving accolades across the supplier base. Suppliers are impressed with Electro Sonic’s continuous growth in the Canadian market.


While hosting an intimate dinner at EDS, Electro Sonic executives honored long-time supplier, Hammond Manufacturing, on their 100th anniversary.  “Our companies have enjoyed a successful partnership for over 50 years.  We are honored to celebrate such an auspicious occasion with such wonderful business partners and friends.” Niall Flanagan explained.


“I’ve been working with Hammond Manufacturing for over 20 years.  The company and employees are a class act.  It is a pleasure to witness their 100 anniversary,“ added Shireen Thom.


About Electro Sonic


Electro Sonic is Canada's leading full-service electronic and electrical component distributor and has been building partnerships with Canadian businesses for 65 years. We specialize in developing customized programs and services to suit our OEM and MRO customers' needs. Our commitment is to stock a complete range of components from the more than 200 world-class manufacturers we represent.


About Hammond Manufacturing


Hammond Manufacturing has been operating for one-hundred years, with deep historical roots. The business started in a backyard workshop in 1916 located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In 1917, the original company known as O.S. Hammond and Son was established in Guelph. O.S. Hammond and Son began making tube radio sets, battery chargers, and other related products between 1919 and 1927. In the early 1930’s Hammond became the first company in Canada to manufacture a line of 2-post racks and a narrow cabinet to support the growing broadcast and communications industries. The explosive demand for electrical products of all kinds during the 1950's and 1960's created many opportunities for new products and diversification. During these years Hammond became a leading supplier of transformers, racks, and cabinets as well as enclosures for the electrical and electronic industries.


Image: Electro Sonic’s National Sales Manager & Ross Hammond, Hammond Manufacturing’s Business Development Manager